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Streamlining safety and industry by
engineered automation and modernisation

At this very moment, Britain has suffered


Workplace Fatalities

Workplace Injuries

Working Days Lost


In Costs

since the start of 2020

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Don't become a statistic.

Stay ahead, with VHSE™


your Virtual Health and Safety Environment.

VHSE™ streamlines and strengthens
your ability to comply with your unique
Health and Safety legalities

We offer innovation
in Risk and Regulation Management
unique and specific
to your firm, offering vast benefits and savings

VHSE is engaging, educational and empowering to users, building culture and furthering accident prevention

Benefit from..

Understanding your unique legal obligations in real time

Automating & modernising H&S in your organisation

Unlimited user registrations

Empowering and engaging workers, strengthening safety culture

Reducing errors and accident rates

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"At TYM, we understand the value of a healthy mindset and of organisational culture. Not only does VHSE™ automate HSE legalities, it is also highly educational, engaging and empowering to users, which is foundational to building strong safety culture."

Alan Clark,
Managing Director, Take Your Marks

"This online tool has the potential to change the way that safety can often be viewed. A major benefit is the ability to assess risks in a very streamlined and thorough manner, and then access easy-to-understand documentation anywhere on any device."

Claudio Marturano,
Managing Director, Nubis Aviation

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